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Bridging East to West

Andrew McGee has many years of experience working with major Asian technology companies selling B2B technology into western markets.

If you are an Asian tech startup ready to launch your business into western markets, you can learn to reduce your risk of failure by avoiding the common mistakes made by Asian companies when doing business in the west.

Contact McGee Technology to learn about our Tech-East-West (TEW) program and eGuide. Click below for more details.

Turn Data Into Awareness

McGee Technology is building applications that allow you to interact with data in new and intuitive ways.

Including the discovery, ingestion, processing and presentation of raw data feeds from diverse sources, combined to provide new insight and awareness.

We are testing and developing data ingestion portals, web crawlers, chatbots, assistants, semantic AI, social media interfaces, fully dynamic presentation layers and API's to that access our growing data lake.

You can try out our prototype chatbot Babblebot.

Recent Blog Posts

All blogs written with 100% Biologic Intelligence (BI)

Building Diverse Teams

In this post I look at the value of diversity in teams and how we can identify and nurture it.

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Lost In Space

In this edition of On The Line we look at linux commands to help manage your disk space.

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Prepare To Be Bombarded

We are all about to be bombarded with so much information we will not be able to keep on top of it. Some of us will be paralysed with indecision - Too much data will be a curse.

The deluge of AI machine generated data is coming and it will be relentless.

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Hiring Presales - What I Look For

In my experience a strong presales team, made up of the right mix of people, can be an engine of growth to power technology solution sales.

This is my approach to hiring and the criteria I look for when bringing someone into the presales family.

SPOILER ALERT: Skills and experience are NOT at the top of my list! You might be surprised by this.

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