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About Andrew McGee

Technologist, Leader, Speaker

Andrew McGee has been working with enterprise technology for more than 25 years. He is an industry insider, watcher and commentator who has worked with technologies as diverse as mainframe systems programming, storage networking, high performance computing, hybrid multi-clouds, disaster recovery, business continuity, server virtualisation, data centre automation and application containers.

Andrew has a passion for building and leading technical sales teams, from hiring the right talent to motivating and developing Solution Architects and pre-sales engineers to achieve business success.

As a spokesperson, presenter and technology evangelist, Andrew is a seasoned presenter and keynote speaker at large industry events.

He is also experienced inspiring C-level executives or just going one to one with industry pundits and analysts, having facilitated round tables and workshops with executives and tech practioners from both the public and private sectors. PR trained Andrew has served as a designated tech spokesperson for several multinational technology brands.

Bridging Asia to The West

Andrew has first hand experience working with Asian multinational technology companies such as Hitachi Limited and Huawei Technologies. He understands the challenges eastern companies face bringing technology from eastern markets to western markets. Having built teams and designed local go-to-market sales strategies closely with expatriate employees from mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, he understands the cross-cultural gaps that need to be bridged for an eastern tech business to succeed in mature western markets.

Public Speaking
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About McGee Technology

Data - Technology - Leadership

Andrew McGee has partnered with other industry insiders and technologists to focus on Data, Technology and Leadership.

With experience watching and predicting trends and patterns in the enterprise technology sphere McGee Technology has developed a platform for the ingestion and analysis of semantic data. The Babble datalake and API framework allow users to explore technology trends and interesting correlations, presented in novel ways that promote new thinking and insights.

McGee Technology provides technical sales leadership in the B2B market space with an expert focus on Asian businesses selling technology into western markets.


McGee Technology is developing the Tech-East-West (TEW) program to help Asian companies break into mature western markets. With the experience and backing of Andrew McGee and his partnership with industry insiders working in large Asian global tech companies, we have put together a collection of products and materials to help your business reduce risk and have the best chance at a successful market launch.

If you sell technology in western markets, particularly B2B, you need to have a good understanding of the western sales process and customer expectations. Our program is aimed to teach the eastern business leaders everything you need to know about operating your tech business in a western country such as Australia, New Zealand, The UK, Ireland, Western Europe or the USA.

We have taken our collective knowledge and experience of what worked and what failed from companies such as Huawei Technologies and Hitachi Limited to teach you the valuable lessons we learned, which include the following:

Culture Gaps - How to avoid simple cultural mistakes
The Western Sales Cycle - Learn to sell to western customers
Leading Western Teams - Earn respect and build a successful local team
Western Channel Partners - Build a channel of resellers and valuable partners
Customer Care - Understand support obligations and customer expectations
Political Safety - Plan to avoid becoming a political victim of trade wars

Learn more about our Tech-East-West program to reduce RISK and gain SUCESSS in western markets.